About me:
Hello! I'm Vladimir Solovev,
a passionate programmer who loves to design and develop game applications.
Currently, I'm 21 and based in Moscow, Russia.

I've been working with Unity3d for more than two years, mainly as a hobby.
I'm also familiar with C, JavaScript, Blender.
Currently I'm studying at School21, franchise of 42.

E-mail: vlandemart@gmail.com
GitHub: https://github.com/vlandemart


Here are some of my completed Unity projects.

UI for UnityStation

May-August 2019


I've made UI for few in-game consoles for Open Source project.
The goal was to recreate old game UI for it's remake on Unity (Task example).
The result was a rather complex UI (~1000 lines of code) with Net sync with other clients,
containing several tabs and dynamic lists.

Fist Of Wrath

December 2018

LDJam link

Little game that was created by me for Ludum Dare 43.
The theme was Sacrifices Must Be Made.
Overall, the game recieved good reviews and
a pretty good rating in "Fun" category - 189th out of ~1500 participants.

Studio job

December 2018 - March 2019

I was working in Red Machine Games as a Unity Developer.
My tasks included developing new logic into existing project architecture,
developing new studio project with Senior programmer, supporting old studio games and
implementing 3rd party SDKs - analytics, ads, etc.
Overall, I've been working on 4 different studio project but was mainly busy
with two of them - Galaxy Merge and Hell Clicker.


June 2018

Game link

Small personal project, topdown action shooter.
Everything except models and music was done by myself.
Originally project was done for Minimal Jam,
the goal of which was to create minimum viable product within 48 hours.

Evil Money

December 2017

Game link

LD40 project. I was working on game design, overall enemies logic, field-of-view visualisation,
level design and implementation of API for cloud saves, achievements and leaderboard.
Exclusive publishing rights were sold to Y8.

Mobile Platformer

October 2017


Initial idea were to create a platformer for mobiles,
to adapt a metroidvania for mobile devices.
I was working on several types of enemies AI (more on that on GitHub),
level design and overall game design.

Ezender Keeper

March 2017

Game Link

My first completed Unity Project. Initially, was created for game jam.
I've been working on modelling, game design (which is pretty bad there), level design,
AI programming and particles.
Exclusive publishing rights were sold to Y8.