About me:
Hello! I'm Vladimir Solovev,
a passionate programmer who loves to design and develop game applications.
Currently, I'm 21 and based in Moscow, Russia.

I've been working with Unity3d for more than two years, mainly as a hobby.
I'm also familiar with C, JavaScript, Blender.
Currently I'm studying at School21, franchise of 42.

E-mail: vlandemart@gmail.com
GitHub: https://github.com/vlandemart


Here lies some of my prototypes which I was creating
out of interest, educational purposes or just to test myself.


September 2017

Small RPG attempt. Project were created
to test some basic RPG mechanics - dialogues,
weapons, inventory, triggers, quests and combat.

Tiled card game

February 2018

After I've read about pathfinding algorithms and played Slay The Spire, I've got
an urge to try to create it myself, so I decided to create card game with tile-based movement.
Card games turned out to be harder than I originally anticipated,
so I've had to remove whole tile system from that project.

Card Game

April 2018

I've implemented some base mechanics in that project:
basic card system, AI with decision making based on his own cards,
dynamic interfaces with tweening and stuff.

Tower Defence

September 2017